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Terri-Karelle, Earth Hour JA gift Eve for Life Charity

Joy Crawford (centre), executive director at Eve for Life, is flanked by Earth Hour JA concert host Terri-Karelle Reid (left) and ESIROM Limited Director and Executive Producer of the Earth Hour JA Concert, Alex Morrissey, following a handover of a cheque valued at $100,000.00

In past activations of the Earth Hour Concert, a $500 fee would be collected at the gate for persons who did not collect a free ticket. The proceeds from the gate are then donated to a charity/NGO/cause based on votes from our online and crowd audience. “Due to the fact we have been unable to have an in-person concert for the last two years, we did not want to forget this aspect of this staging. Dr Terri-Karelle Reid having been with us from the very beginning of our inaugural staging, we asked her who she would want to give the proceeds to and she selected Eve for Life, a charity very close to her heart.

Source: The Gleaner

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