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5 Star Celestial urges Jamaicans to take care of Earth

Reggae artiste 5 Star Celestial used the stage at Saturday's Earth Hour JA Acoustic Concert to urge Jamaicans to stand together against women beaters, child molesters and paedophiles.

The young entertainer later told THE STAR that the platform was an ideal one for him to send his message because "the people are the environment."

"We only have one Earth and the Earth nah guh perish ...we are the ones who will perish if we don't take action against the negatives inna di place," 5 Star Celestial said.

The Earth Hour concert is an initiative aimed at inspiring Jamaicans to take action against climate change. 5 Star Celestial reasoned that human's continued existence is linked to the extent to which mankind takes care of the planet.

"The Earth will take its time to get rid of we if we don't take care of it," said the singer who was the opening act for the event.

Assessing his performance, 5 Star Celestial said he thought that the audience was very receptive of his message and expressed satisfaction with their reactions. He said that he has learnt through his own musical journey that "Jamaicans learn a lot through music."

"To get anything engrained into Jamaican people's brain is through music. I think that part of it gwaan good, as a lot of people who didn't know my music are inclined to learn more now and listen to the relevant messages," 5 Star Celestial shared.

"That's why we as artistes creating the art need to pay attention to our words and the power they have on the people," he continued.

Songs like God Flow, The One, Govern I Path and Lighting Storm, which is produced by Kabaka Pyramid, had the patrons rising from their picnic blankets and chairs to their feet.

"I'm just trying to water the fruits to see them come to fruition. More life, more elevation. We only a pree bigger, better and greater for the people, for the music and for the Earth," 5 Star Celestial added.

Source: The Star

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