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8 must-haves for this free, family-friendly Earth Hour concert

Paper Latern
Before the launch activities came to an end, the ESIROM team released a paper lantern to commemorate the occasion.

Well, for starters, it’s more than a free concert. There are interactive games, varying food options, an effort to flex sustainability, and, of course, music.

Earth Hour is back! Expectations are high for Saturday’s acoustic concert, promoting reduction, preservation, and conservation.

The tickets are free and available here, plus there’s a five-per-household ticket limit. UBER is on board, too, when patrons Uber to Earth Hour, they get $6 USD off their ride. How cool is that?

The ESIROM Foundation and Jamaicans Music teams are keen on reducing waste, and encourage carpooling – for low emissions – and to minimise overparking.

There’s more. Earth Hour Concert is a family-friendly event, five tickets are available to every guest, so feel free to invite grandma, uncle, aunt, and everybody.

They’ll have interactive games, like Plastic Bowling and Plastic Bottle Ring Toss. Imagine a mock bowling alley lane made with 100% plastic pins and balls or a game of ring toss with rings crafted from plastic bottle caps and targets made from up-cycled plastic bottles.

The sustainability efforts this year even involve electronic ticket distribution and scanning upon entry, but, also, involve a strict prohibition of certain single-use plastics with the vendors in the food court.

Even if elements of the layout and décor are made with reusable and/or biodegradable materials, the experience will be curated to raise awareness of environmental issues, too.

There will be vegan food available from CB Pan Chicken, Bad Dawg Hotdogs, Mr Ellis (Soup, Saltfish fritters and more), Benjie’s Yatties (Vegan patties), Ital stews/sips, natural juices, no-plastic Coconut Jelly man, Jamaica Mountain Peak Tea & Coffee, and Supligen provisions.

The Earth Hour concert will be hosted by Dr Terri-Karelle Reid, and feature performances from 5 Star Celestial, Jamila Falak, Ras-I, Joby Jay, and Fantan Mojah, and is headlined by Queen Ifrica.

The concert is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board, and Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica, Jamaica Environment Trust.

If you’re planning to attend the Earth Hour concert? Whether you're a first-timer or a regular, these personal tips may help you to have a memorable, enjoyable, and eco-friendly experience.

1 Tumbler for drinks/a serving of sip – ESIROM is encouraging the BYOC (Bring your own cup) moment. Everyone knows concerts involve enjoying libations to make the music sweet but staying hydrated is also essential. Please bring your tumbler to reduce the plastic cups at the event.

2 Uber – Avoid the hassle of driving and searching for parking by taking an Uber to the concert. Through their partnership with Uber, Earth Hour organisers will be offering a US$6 discount on Earth Hour rides. This is likely to help alleviate the flow of traffic to and from the event as well as reduce carbon emissions. You still have the option to go without the discounted rates. But, who doesn’t like being chauffeured?

3 Carpool – Speaking of reducing your carbon footprint, you can do so by carpooling with friends/family. Carpooling is a great way to enjoy the company of others on the way to the event.

4 Reusable straw/s – Sipping delicious and refreshing coconut water is a must at the Earth Hour concert, thanks to Jelly Man. If comfort for you means sipping coconut water while listening to Somewhere Wonderful by Ras-I, you better do so sustainably.

5 A sweater/blanket or fold-up chair – Typical concert comfort requires a blanket or fold-up chair to help you relax and enjoy the music. Then, even if it’s warm during the day, it can get chilly at night. Bring a sweater if you wish, to stay warm and cosy.

7 Portable charger – Sharing knowledge and telling your friends on social media about your Earth Hour experience is recommended. And, with all the recording, you may need a recharge or several; bring a portable charger to keep your phone ready for use.

8 Money/cash – With several local vendors and businesses, you may need cash to spend/buy delicious fare. Not only will you enjoy some tasty treats, but you may enjoy supporting the local sustainability efforts.

9 Bring your own food, perhaps? – Consider taking your own food as there are very few restrictions to supporting the Earth Hour event. You may want to pack some sandwiches, fruits, and snacks in reusable containers and enjoy them while jamming to your favourite artiste.

By bringing these must-haves, you can enjoy the Earth Hour concert while reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Source: Loop

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